Want A Payday Advance? What You Should Know Initially

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You don’t need to worry the main topic of online payday loans. Please read on for intelligent details about employing pay day loans. Learn all you are able and allow it to enable you to prepare the very best strategy for your requirements. With information on the subject, you are able to position yourself properly down the road.

You will find a plethora of businesses to pick from who will provide you with a payday loan. If you think that you might have to resort to a cash advance, ensure that you check out the corporation prior to signing off of on a financial loan. Check if others have experienced good experiences together. You may normally locate testimonials by hunting on the web.

The standard term of your payday loan is all about 14 days. Sometimes unexpected events comes into enjoy, making you struggle to repay the loan by the due date, however you don’t need to have to become afraid about defaulting in the personal loan. Most companies allow you to expand your pay back day, nevertheless they add more costs.

Research prices for the very best monthly interest. There are lots of on the internet payday advance businesses, as well as offices. Every one of these opponents would like your company positive rates are certainly one device they use to get it. Some loan companies give out considerable special discounts with regards to novice individuals. Examine all of your possibilities ahead of selecting a loan provider.

The phrase on most paydays financial loans is around fourteen days, so make certain you can easily pay back the financing because time period. Breakdown to pay back the financing may lead to expensive service fees, and charges. If you think that you will discover a probability that you simply won’t be capable of pay out it back again, it really is very best not to take out the pay day loan.

Along with the typical high interest rates and included fees, pay day loans could also put you vulnerable to running into overdraft account costs. The fee for overdrawing your bank account will simply add-on a lot more expense for your presently high priced payday advance.

Make sure that you recognize how, and once you are going to pay off the loan before you even obtain it. Have the personal loan repayment did the trick to your budget for your next shell out intervals. Then you can definitely ensure you have to pay the funds rear. If you cannot pay off it, you will definately get caught having to pay that loan extension cost, on top of more curiosity.

Read the fine print prior to getting any financial loans.

Usually do not get a payday advance prior to considering other, less costly alternatives. Bank card funds advances bring reduce rates than payday loans. Question friends and relations for assist to see if you can prevent acquiring a payday advance.

Whenever applying for a cash advance, make certain that everything you provide is correct. In many cases, things like your work historical past, and house could be approved. Ensure that your entire facts are correct. It is possible to avoid acquiring decreased to your payday advance, leaving you powerless.

Should you be self-employed and seeking a cash advance, concern not as they are continue to available to you. Given that you possibly won’t possess a pay out stub to exhibit proof of career. Your best bet would be to take a copy of your tax return as proof. Most creditors will continue to provide you with a bank loan.

When you find a great pay day loan business, keep with them. Allow it to be your goal to construct a reputation effective personal loans, and repayments. As a result, you might turn out to be qualified for larger loans down the road with this organization. They could be more eager to work alongside you, when in genuine struggle.

Discover the laws where you live about online payday loans. Some lenders make an effort to get away with increased interest levels, penalty charges, or various service fees they they are certainly not legitimately capable to ask you for. Many people are just thankful for your personal loan, and do not issue these matters, that makes it simple for creditors to ongoing acquiring away along with them.

Should you prefer a very good knowledge about a pay day loan, keep your ideas in this post in your mind. You must know what you should expect, and also the ideas have with a little luck helped you. Payday’s financial loans will offer a lot-required financial assist, you need to be cautious and think meticulously in regards to the choices you will be making.

Thinking Of A Pay Day Loan? What You Have To Know

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When you are in a situation your location thinking of getting a cash advance you happen to be not the only one. A cash advance can be a good thing, if you are using them effectively. To make sure, you possess all the information you have to flourish in the payday loan process you need to browse the post below.

Ensure that you understand exactly what a pay day loan is before you take a single out. These financial loans are typically granted by businesses that are not financial institutions they provide little sums of cash and call for hardly any forms. The lending options can be found to many individuals, even though they typically have to be repaid inside 14 days.

Charges that are linked with pay day loans involve a lot of kinds of charges. You will have to discover the attention volume, charges charges and when you can find application and finalizing costs. These charges may vary in between diverse creditors, so be sure to look into different lenders before signing any deals.

Look around before selecting who to obtain funds from with regards to payday cash loans. Some creditors have better rates, as well as others may waive a number of service fees for selecting them. One location might be able to fund the money in an hour, or else you could wait for time at an additional. Should you shop around, you can find an organization that you will be capable to manage.

A poor credit standing normally won’t prevent you from getting a cash advance. A lot of people who want payday cash loans neglect to use merely because of their bad credit records. Anyone who is hired can get payday loans, poor credit doesn’t issue.

Don’t think you won’t must provide nearly anything to be able to be given a payday advance. There are many different bits of information and facts you’re going to require in order to remove a payday advance. This could incorporate your ID, evidence of your bank account, and the latest spend stubs. Each loan company will have their very own demands. You must phone initial to determine what you’ll have to take along.

It is essential that you receive duplicates of all the personal loan phrases and appropriate papers prior to signing an agreement of any kind. Lots of payday loan internet sites are just frauds that will provide you with a membership and withdraw cash from your checking account.

Make certain you are aware that the organization for that personal loan is actually a secure and safe a single. A lot of people believe payday cash loans are definitely the most dependable financial loans simply because they hold the best phrases, so you’d do well to do your research to find a reliable financial loan loan company.

Request just what the rate of interest of your payday advance will probably be. This is important, since this is the total amount you should pay besides the amount of money you might be credit. You could even desire to check around and receive the best monthly interest you are able to. The reduced level you locate, the reduced your complete repayment will probably be.

Make every try to pay off your cash advance promptly. When you can’t pay it off, the loaning company may possibly make you roll-over the money into a completely new one. This a different one accrues its unique list of costs and fund costs, so theoretically you are paying out those charges two times for the very same dollars! This may be a serious strain on your bank account, so plan to pay for the bank loan off instantly.

An excellent suggestion for everyone searching to take out a payday loan is usually to prevent providing your information to loan provider matching web sites. Some pay day loan sites match you with loan providers by discussing your data. This is often rather unsafe and in addition direct to a lot of spammy email messages and undesirable telephone calls.

Go through all the small print on what you read through, sign, or may indication at a payday lender. Make inquiries about anything you may not comprehend. Look at the self confidence in the answers given by the workers. Some merely glance at the motions all day, and were qualified by an individual carrying out a similar. They may not know all the fine print them selves. By no means think twice to contact their cost-totally free customer satisfaction variety, from in the shop in order to connect to a person with replies.

For people who get stuck inside a position in which they have more than one cash advance, you need to consider alternatives to paying them away from. Consider using a advance loan away from your bank card. The interest rate will be reduce, and also the service fees are significantly less in comparison to the pay day loans.

There is not any question the fact that payday cash loans can serve as a lifeline when money is brief. What is important for virtually any possible consumer is usually to left arm themselves with just as much details as you can before agreeing to any such financial loan. Implement the assistance within this piece, and you will definitely be prepared to respond inside a financially wise way.

Eco Skincare – Is it Ethical to Use Beeswax in Beauty Products As the Bees Continue to Vanish?

Einstein is rumored to have predicted that if bees disappear from our planet, mankind will soon perish. Although it is not proven whether the great scientist said this or not, our scientists are worried.

Wild bee populations are being wiped out by a parasitic mite and beekeepers are working hard to protect their farmed bees from the same fate.
As the bees vanish we take a look at the bee and the issue of beeswax, ethics and skincare.

Beeswax (or cera alba as it is listed on ingredients labels) is an ingredient used by both commercial skin care manufacturers and many natural and organic skin care producers.

Beeswax is obtained from the honeycomb of bees in the hive and used in skincare as an emulsifier and thickener, as well as for its reputed skin care benefits.

People choosing to buy natural and organic skin care expect green, eco and ethical credentials from the producers.

Cruelty-free is high on the list for green and ethical shoppers which is why it is important to look at the question of bees and beeswax.

Most vegans do not eat honey or use bee products although generally speaking vegetarians do.

The Vegan Society condemns the use of all bee products such as honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly.

According to the Vegan Society exploitation of and cruelty to bees consists of:

Bee farming
Cruel treatment of the Queen bee
Killing bees when harvesting honey comb
Use of artificial food and pesticides
Destruction of hives.

Pretty damning, don’t you think. Or is it?

Looking further into the issue it would appear that not all beekeepers employ the above methods.
Whilst it is true that most if not all commercial bee farms do practice cruelty towards bees, many small ‘local’ beekeepers are more ethical.

The independent beekeeper would argue that the bees’ welfare is the most important thing to them, both as a moral obligation towards the bees and in favor of good sense for the small business.

On many small bee farms the bees are given extra room for their hives, the bees enjoy working and make more honey than they need, and by the use of pesticides they are protected from deadly mites, parasites and fungi that are killing wild bee colonies. Beekeepers are also keen to point out that although it does happen on large commercial bee farms, they themselves do not kill off the bees or destroy their hives.

Sadly the numbers of small, caring, ethical beekeepers is far outweighed by the huge commercial bee farms meeting the demand of even bigger commercial companies wanting large quantities of cheap product, regardless of the cost to the bees.

And the question of exploitation remains as the bees are still kept and farmed for their monetary value.

It is therefore important to choose cruelty-free natural and organic beauty products. This is not as easy as it sounds. Beeswax is a predominant ingredient in commercial and natural skincare, but there are bee-friendly alternatives so read the literature, website information and product ingredients carefully.

It is not enough for skincare producers to claim to be against animal testing. If in doubt, ask!

A UK natural skincare company called Maia Skin Care (http://www.maiaskincare.co.uk) believes in using only cruelty-free ingredients. They do not use any bee product in their natural beauty products and have excellent green ethics. All their products are vegan-friendly and free from beeswax, honey and any other ingredients derived from bees.

Deep Skincare Face Mask – 5 Tips for How to Find the Best One

What is the best deep skincare face mask? It’s a mask that moisturizes deeply and improves firmness, smoothness and health of your skin. Here are five things to look for to avoid buying another useless face mask.

1. Make sure it’s natural

The best deep skincare is performed completely without synthetic chemicals and petroleum oils. Chemicals can, if used regularly long term, cause your skin to age faster. Find a company that makes 100% natural products to be on the safe side.

2. Moisturizing ingredients

The best face masks always contain some gentle moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin. Excellent moisturizers are for example cynergy tk and macadamia oil.

3. Hydrating components

Hydration is vital to keep your skin firm. It is done primarily through drinking lots of water, but can also be aided through deep skincare. Avocado oil for example is deeply hydrating and compatible with the skin’s oils. Rigin is an ingredient which is proven to make the skin firmer.

4. Healing substances

Healing ingredients are especially great if you have inflamed skin or blemishes, acne or other conditions. The queen of all skin healing substances is Active Manuka Honey, which because of its content of enzymes and antioxidants has shown to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

5. Over 50% active

Don’t settle for any old face mask that is diluted with ineffective fillers. Make sure the one you buy has at least 50% active ingredients. A lot of companies don’t want to put the optimum amounts into their products as they say it’s too expensive. Those companies care more about their profits than about your well being.

A face mask should be used once a week to give the best effects. Make sure you clean your face before applying, and then let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes.


If you want to find the best deep skincare, get smooth skin and banish wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin for good: you need to do your research! Find proven natural skin care products that do what they say and you will discover, like I did, that staying young and beautiful is not as difficult as brand name manufacturers would have you believe!

Visit http://www.natural-flawless-skin.com to discover the exact same secrets and lies I discovered that brand name skin care products do not want you to know!

Discover the Best Natural Skincare and Effective Ingredients That Come From Bees

Some of the best natural skincare ingredients come from the hard work of bees. Bee products such as honey, pollen and royal jelly are excellent for your health because they contain very high amount of nutrients, which are easily put to use by our bodies.

BEE POLLEN – Sometimes referred to as Bee bread, this is the material raw material that bees collect from flowers. Its precise components always vary, depending on which flowers it was harvested from, but it is alway very concentrated in nutrients. Proteins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, are presents in bee pollen. It gives an energy boost to the skin, making it a valuable natural skincare ingredient.

BEESWAX – Bees create wax to line the inside walls of the honeycomb.It has been used by man to care and nurture skin for centuries. In cosmetics it is an excellent emulsifier. An emulsifier is an important component in creams as it act to bind water and oil based ingredients. Beeswax is used in the best natural skincare. In addition to its nutrients and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it adds a pleasant natural scent and color to cosmetics.It helps seal and protect skin from the environment.

HONEY – Honey is the food produced by bees from the pollen of flowers. It is sweet and syrupy and contains valuable components such as hydrogen peroxide, which give it a special antibacterial property. It has been used since the beginning of mankind as a valuable stable in nutrition and healing. As a natural skincare ingredients it softens the skin and is an excellent moisturizer.

MANUKA HONEY – This is one of the most prized types of honey in the world. It is created by bees only in New Zealand from the flowers of the manuka bush. This honey is special because it contains additional antibacterial properties that other honeys do not. It is especially valuable in the healing of skin, even used in hospitals to treat burn patients. It is rare and expensive, but because it is highly effective, it is one of the natural skincare ingredients.

ROYAL JELLY – Think of Royal Jelly as “Bee’s milk”. This is the stuff bees use to feed the babies (or larvae) and also what is consumed by the queen bee for an extend period of time. It is important to know that the queen bee can live up to 40 times longer that regular worker bees. It is a concentration of many nourishing components. It can only be collected in small amounts, so it is easy to see why only the best natural skincare products make use of it.

PROPOLIS – This is a resin-like mixture that bees make from collecting botanical materials such as tree resin and sap flowers. They use is to seal small opening in their hive and in turn protect the hive. It is a valuable material with many benefits including the strengthening of the immune system, as an antibiotic.

Now that you have discovered the value of bee products in skincare, look for products that contain one or several of these great components. The more you learn about the true power of natural ingredients when it comes to healing and nurturing skin you will understand that there is no need to choose synthetically made cosmetics.

Natural Vitamin E is also an excellent remedy for many skin problems, including aging skin. To find out how you can get the right Vitamin E for skin read my report at: Discover Vitamin E [http://naturallyhealthybeautifulskin.com/skincare-ingredients/essential-ingredients/natural-vitamin-e]

Estelle Morray has a passion for healthy, natural living. She lives with her family on the island of Bali, where she participates in the development of local, organic farming. Her work ties her directly with natural, holistic products, and she has done extensive research in the fields of natural remedies, homeopathy, nutrition and organic skincare.

History of Skincare Part 14: The Baroque Era, 1600-1699

The Reign of Ornamentation

In many ways, the seventeenth century began where the sixteenth century left off. Taking their example from royalty such as Queen Elizabeth of England and the queen of Spain, also named Elizabeth, women wore elaborately-constructed gowns that featured structured neck ruffs, form-fitting bodices and stiff, wide skirts. The seventeenth century was a time of change and a time of extremes, however, and both clothing and cosmetics began to take on a greater role as indicators not only of social class, but of religion and nationality as well. Because skincare practices were intrinsically tied to cosmetics, they varied as greatly as all other aspects of fashion.

In spite of the increasing variety of styles, the Baroque period was predominantly a time of ornamentation. Baroque artists and trendsetters took an architectural approach to everything from music to sculpture to painting to fashion. Emphasis was put on the fine details. Music featured elaborate trills. Buildings and churches were decorated with twisted spires, decorated domes and exquisite carvings. Fashion attempted to mimic this ornamentation with complexly-patterned fabrics and structured garments. Women continued to powder their faces with thick, white lead and to paint their lips with vermilion.

Extremes and Contradictions

The Baroque Era saw many extremes in skincare, fashion and philosophy. The Puritans, a strict religious group who rejected what they saw as ungodly excess, designed their own simple clothing to act as an alternative to contemporary fashion. Puritan women were expected to cover their bodies and to hide their natural shape. They chastely covered their hair and did not wear any of the powders or colorings worn by fashionable women of the day. Like their dress, their skincare regimes were simple and practical. Because they did not cake their faces in powder, water was often enough to remove the dirt, oil and impurities from their skin.

While the Puritans may have set British styles throughout much of the century, other European countries were far less conservative in their approach to fashion and cosmetics. When Louis XIV took the French throne in 1661, he ushered in an age of excess in Western Europe. The French court was known for its elaborate banquets and its even more elaborate styles. While blond hair had long been fashionable, both women and men began to desire increasingly pale hair. What started as a light dusting of hair powder soon became thicker and eventually opened the door to elaborate white wigs. Face make-up became increasingly elaborate as well. Women began to paste black beauty marks on their faces. While these were at first intended to cover up blemishes, they soon became works of art in themselves. Beauty marks were made in decorative shapes such as flowers, stars, moons and ships, and many women wore several beauty marks at a time. (You can read more about Baroque fashion here: http://www.ehow.co.uk/info_8537616_baroque-clothing-styles.html )

Baroque Invention

The Baroque period saw a number of inventions that influenced fashion, hygiene and skincare. The printing press had been refined during the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Europe took advantage of the improvement in technology. Fashion magazines were distributed across the continent and even as far away as the Americas. Much like today’s fashion glossies, these magazines showed pictures of the latest European styles and talked about trends in cosmetics and skincare.

Several of these trends included newly developed hygiene and skin care products. While perfumes and colognes had been popular for a number of decades, perfumed soaps were new to the market. These new scented soaps were all the rage across Europe and provided women with a trendy new way to clean the powder from their faces. The late seventeenth century also saw the introduction of toothbrushes. Based on a Chinese design, these brushes gave men and women a new tool for cleanliness and a new way to improve their overall appearance. (You can read more about Baroque soaps and toothbrushes here: http://www.localhistories.org/cosmetics.html )

While the European Baroque attitude toward style and skincare was similar to that of Elizabethan England, it was setting itself up to fail. The Enlightenment of the 18th Century would carry the French court to new heights of excess, but the French Revolution would destroy it, leaving many people to take their cues from the staid, simplistic style of the Puritans.

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Apettite supressant 37.5 mg Administration To Lose Weight

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Phentermine 37.5 milligrams is without a doubt very good, the king of drugs encouraged to lose weight. Yet it’s to get obtained based on the directions in our doctors, their prescription medications that speak of their aspect-results in strong correspondence. There are certain directions to adhere to to be able to distance your self through the significant part-outcomes of Phentermine 37.5 milligram. Medications those boost heart minute rates are purely forbidden along with Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams. Folks using medications for hmmm problems must stay away from this drug for proper treatment method it shouldn’t be applied by the class being affected by high blood pressure, diabetes and is yet another poisonous combination with other weight-loss drug treatments. Then alcohol? My total being shivers with fear even if I envision the whole lot, of the terrible outcome that might originate from the conversation of alcohol with Apettite supressants 37.5 mg.
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Rid Yourself from the Wrath of Weight problems with Phentermine 37.5 mg Tab

One of the various diet medicines available right now to make individuals thinner, phentermine 37.5 mg diet tablets (read more at http://kositbangkok.com ) –  are quite effective and popular.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Phentemine in 1959. Getting rid of fats  using these weightloss pills show great and fast results, which is a great alleviation for obese people.
Phentermine diet pills from http://www.pkl-resort.com are available in strength of 15, 30 and 37.5 milligram. This way, people can have the option as to which one to take to cater their needs.  When having the pill be sure that you have an empty stomach and take it at least half or an hour before breakfast. Kids are discouraged to take this pill.
Phentermine tablets function as a suppressant and you’ll fulfill your appetite much faster. For best results, it is advisable to workout and maintain a balanced diet when taking up the pill. How it works is that the hypothalamus gland is stimulated, as a result trigger certain neurotransmitters to react resulting to reduction in desire for food.  With that said, fat could be controlled by simply controlling the need to eat.
what ot boasts off takes price in ads
One has a vast access in getting phentermine tablets along with its great effects on the web.  There is a lot of online pharmacy agents that are providing pills that might be shipped directly in your own home. Apart from the great comfort that online shops give, those who are obese  don’t have to be bothered to personally head over to pharmacies to purchase Phentermine.
There are unwanted effects of Phentermine such as, drowsiness, dryness of mouth and irritability just to name a few. When the negative effects is lingering more than predicted, it would be advisable to call your physician about it. It’s essential for individuals taking such pills to understand its precautions and drug interactions in spite of how effective it is. This pill can only be taken with doctor’s prescription and also  guidance.
If taken appropriately with the appropriate dosage and observing the right time for taking up the medicine, phentermine is the right solution for weight problems. Phentermine diet pills that really work are the easiest and quickest approach to slim down.

Finding the Best Retailer for Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative) Supplements

When you are planning to buy weight reduction products, you should always make sure that you only buy them from dependable retailer. This also implies that you must prevent sellers from the black market. Even if they claim to be a reseller of weight loss supplements and herbal brands, you can never assure if the items on sale are authentic. Products particularly, like Phenterminn (Phentermine 37.5 mg diet pills alternative from http://dyingforbeginners.com) supplements, ought to be bought from trustworthy sources only. Doing this, will save you from the hassle and worry when the product you purchased isn’t authentic.
Interested to know specifics concerning Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative) ? Take a look at http://www.akronjoblink.com site 
The key reason why there were just a few individuals who have heard of this product is simply because it just came off. This product is from a fruit that is grown in most parts of South East Asia, which is called the mangosteen. This product is very advantageous for those who choose to slim down currently capable of blocking fat from being stored, control the appetite and also utilized for treating a wide range of illnesses. Thanks to the high levels of hydroxycitric acid, the metabolic rate increases and this substance is also as a form of medicine.
Is the Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative) efficient?
One of the reasons why this products is so great is that it is made from all natural ingredients. Furthermore, this product is packed with so many antioxidants that are efficient in reducing the fats in your body. For now, you already have found the best remedy for your bulging belly. People who are taking this supplement will not crave for food every time since it is also a highly effective appetite suppressant. 
Because it is natural, it does not have any negative effects. However, if you purchase Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative) from a shady retailer, then you can expect the opposite effects.
Where can these Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative)  supplements be purchased?
In fact, there is a really small opportunity that these supplements are sold in regular pharmacies. It is suggested that you purchase Phenterminn (Phentermine diet pills alternative) supplements online. These dietary supplements, are widely accessible in the internet and you can be sure that you will find them. Experience and take advantage of a discounted product from authorized distributors.
So go on and purchase Garcina Cambogia and experience the weight reduction benefits. You’ll be amazed exactly how safe, fast, and efficient it is.

History of Skincare Part 13: The Elizabethan Era, 1500-1599

A Northern Renaissance

It took nearly one hundred years for the Italian Renaissance to catch up with the British Isles, but when it did, the results were spectacular. Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, England began a quest of expansion that saw the creation of new colonies throughout the world. Large portions of India, Africa and North America were built up under British rule. While the merits of British colonialism may be debatable, however, there is no doubt that the Elizabethan Era represented an expansion of thought as well as an expansion of political power. Legendary playwrights and poets such as Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare based their works on the same Classical material that had inspired the Italians a century earlier. Clothing became increasingly elaborate and make-up quickly followed suit. At a time when a much greater emphasis was put on appearance than on health, however, hygiene and skincare often fell by the wayside.

The Elizabethan Look

During this time, Queen Elizabeth’s look ruled the hearts and minds of British women. While clothing had become increasingly structured throughout the later part of the Middle Ages, Elizabeth took this sense of structure to new heights. Tight corsets were worn to give the body a smooth, shaped appearance. While proper hoop skirts had yet to be invented, women tied large pieces of padding around their hips to thrust their skirts out into wide, oblong hoops. Starched ruffles were worn around the neck and hair was often pinned into elaborate up-do’s. In spite of the extreme ornamentation of their clothing, however, the face was still the focal point of the look and cosmetics took on a much greater importance than they had in Medieval England.

Queen Elizabeth is often credited with being the first of her time to adopt a completely made-up appearance. While she may have been the first, however, the noblewomen of Britain quickly followed suit. Women would paint their faces with a white powder referred to as Venetian ceruse. The best ceruse was made of lead, carbonate and hydroxide. Less expensive alternatives were made from talc or boiled egg, although these were considered to be less effective. Once the heavy powder was applied to the face, women would rouge their cheeks with a red paint called fucus and paint their lips with vermilion. The first lip sticks were made during this time by putting sun-dried vermilion and ground plaster into a device similar to a pen. (Go here to learn more about the Elizabethan lipstick-making process: http://www.cosmetic-business.com/en/showartikel.php?art_id=1409 ) To add a glazed appearance to their look, women would coat their face, make-up and all, in a layer of egg white.

The Great Coverup

During the Elizabethan Era, elaborate make-up was seen as a sign of nobility, because few common people could afford the lead powders and dried vermilion used to create the popular look. As the century wore on, however, cosmetics also began to be associated with disease. Poor hygiene had led to a number of serious plague and smallpox outbreaks and many survivors still carried horrible scars and pock marks on their faces. While disease was rampant among rich and poor alike, only the rich had access to the expensive cosmetics that would cover their scars. Strengthening the connection between make-up and poor health, doctors at this time began to discover that lead powder was not as safe as had previously been thought. Women rarely washed their faces, choosing instead to layer new powder over the old, and years of this treatment were found to turn the skin underneath a dull shade of gray. While many doctors recommended switching to an alum or tin-ash based powder, lead prevailed in popularity.

Many women went great lengths of time without cleaning the powder from their faces. When they did want to remove their make-up, however, they found that the thick, caked-on lead was not easily removed with water alone. In order to strip the cosmetic layers, they turned to a combination of skincare science and superstition, washing their faces with everything from gentle rainwater or donkey’s milk to more astringent red wine or urine. Mercury was also among the common skin care products used to treat acne, wrinkles, scars and discoloration. While it did effectively remove these blemishes, it did so by corroding the surface of the skin and often caused scars that were far worse than those it removed. (Go here to learn more about Elizabethan cosmetics and hygiene: http://www.fragrancex.com/fragrance-information/elizabethan-makeup.aspx )

In spite of the health concerns of the day, Elizabethan women were known for their excessive beauty and cosmetic practices. It was these excesses, among others, however, that would cause a Puritan revolt in the next century and see Oliver Cromwell take control of the British throne.